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    GuoPing Pharmaceutical

    Anhui Guoping Pharmaceutical Co., LTD

    Anhui Guoping Pharmaceutical Co., LTD(short for: Guoping Pharmaceutical) is a national high-tech enterprise engaging in the research ,development, production and peptide products as well as peptide technology transfe . Which specializes in starch peptide purification, Stapled Peptide Synthesis, isotope labeled peptides, peptide drugs,Isotope labelling, disulfide bridge and so on.Guoping Pharmaceutical determined to establish a national brand in the global scope to lead the healthy and rapid development of peptide industry.


    GuoPing pharmaceutical new drug research and development center was established

    GuoPing pharmaceutical research and development center introduced advanced rustic instruments,and established a high-precision,ultra high sensitivity analysis and testing platform.


    Quality system

    GuoPing pharmaceutical Quality Control for Raw Materials, In-Process Intermediates, and Final Products?


    Peptide delivery systems research and development projects

    Guoping pharmaceutical and China pharmaceutical University project R&D cooperation


    GuoPing Pharmaceutical
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